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Aegis Sciences Corporation Expands Oral Fluid Testing to include Novel Psychoactive Substances

Nashville, Tennessee (December 6, 2021) – Aegis Sciences Corporation, a leading healthcare company that provides clinically innovative medication compliance testing and consulting services to providers, is pleased to announce the expansion of oral fluid testing to include novel psychoactive substance (NPS). Testing includes expanded offerings for designer opioids, designer benzodiazepines, synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic stimulants, hallucinogens and dissociatives.

While drug testing in urine has long been established in workplace testing and compliance monitoring, oral fluid is emerging as a necessary alternative matrix. Advantages of oral fluid drug testing include ease of collection, decreased adulteration susceptibility, and presence of parent drug which can simplify interpretation of results in patients who exhibit impaired/absent metabolism.

Aegis has offered compliance monitoring in oral fluid since 2009 for pain management and frequently abused drugs. NPS are substances that are created to mimic prescription or illicit drugs, while avoiding regulation as a controlled substance and often go unidentified by routine presumptive or definitive drug testing methods. The inclusion of NPS in the oral fluid test menu reflects the critical importance of detecting these potentially life threatening substances and gives providers another important tool to improve care and outcomes.

Aegis recognizes the significant community threat posed by the burgeoning and ever-changing nature of NPS. To meet this challenge Aegis has built a comprehensive NPS testing capability in urine and is strongly committed to ongoing updates of its NPS menu. Now, by offering its unmatched NPS capabilities in oral fluid, Aegis affords providers incomparable flexibility in compliance monitoring.

“Aegis oral fluid testing allows practitioners to opportunity to test for over 90 of the most frequently identified NPS. We believe this to be the most comprehensive test for novel psychoactive substances in oral fluid available today,” said Dr. Andrew Holt, Clinical Pharmacist.

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