Clear and Accurate Detection

What is your strategy for identifying drug interactions?

Aegis InterACT RxTM allows for detection of recently ingested substances that are capable of interacting negatively with pain management and behavioral health medications. It is an objective tool designed to reduce the risk of adverse drug events associated with DDIs that may be missed by traditional methods.

  • Pharmacy-based drug utilization review
  • Interaction alerts built into the EMR
  • Reviewing patient-provided home medication lists
  • Data from prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs)

Drug interactions can occur via several mechanisms, including drug-drug and drug-food interactions (collectively abbreviated as DDIs):

Possible Effects:


Adverse Drug Events (ADEs), reduced medication efficacy, reduced adherence to avoid ADEs, overutilization to combat reduced efficacy


Increased office visits, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, additional medications to treat ADEs

InterACT Rx™ can play a key role in medication management strategy, providing clinicians with actionable insight.

Use objective information to encourage open communication about the impact of DDIs on patient care

Equip yourself with actionable information to allow for sensible transitions to more appropriate therapy and discontinuation of offending agents

Definitively detect barriers to effective care to better identify DDIs and make informed medication management decisions

woman's hand with pills of different colors. close up of pills in a man's hand, top view, medicine.

InterACT Rx benefits patients* who:

  • Take 5 or more medications (polypharmacy)
  • Undergo chronic pain treatment
  • Receive psychiatric therapy
  • Experience signs of an ADE
  • Are unresponsive to therapy
  • Need a baseline assessment
  • Have recently been hospitalized

* InterACT Rx testing is not offered as a screening test.
It may only be ordered
when determined to be medically
necessary for diagnosis or treatment.

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