Helping clinicians make better decisions since 1990.

Together we can make a difference in people’s lives. We do this by providing clear, reliable and actionable information on patients' medication adherence that helps healthcare providers deliver the best care.

Our services are a valuable tool in making the best care decisions with confidence.

  • PainComp® Icon


    Pain compliance monitoring and insight for better opioid treatment and outcomes.

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  • InterACT Rx Icon

    InterACT Rx™

    Clear and accurate detection of drug interactions.

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  • Behavioral Health Icon

    AcuRise ID™

    Medication monitoring testing for those being treated for mental illness and substance use disorders.

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  • Infectious Disease

    Molecular testing solutions for common infectious diseases.

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Aegis recognizes the significant community threat posed by the ever-changing nature of dangerous synthetic drugs.

We leverage innovative technology to stay on the forefront of testing for the most relevant novel psychoactive substances to offer an extensive menu of analytes/drugs currently in circulation for providers to choose from.

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Aegis Sports Testing

Protecting athletes and the purity of sport for more than 28 years with the best-in-class laboratory testing, consultation, and educational resources.

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Make Testing FLUID

Our FLUID™ platform provides seamless ordering and accurate results that put the answers right at your fingertips.

Aegis FLUID™ provides standard electronic connectivity that simplifies patient entry, test ordering and receiving test results, leading to reduced errors and saved time.

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