Clinical Reference Guide

Clinical Reference Guide

Drug testing is an essential part of the overall patient care plan and provides objective information that may be useful in assessing adherence, protecting the patient, promoting accountability, initiating important conversations, and preventing diversion. Appropriate interpretation of results is key to the overall value of drug testing. The science of drug testing is complex, and understanding concepts such as testing methodology, period of detection, drug metabolism and specimen type differences are important to appropriate interpretation.

The Aegis Clinical Reference Guide is written by toxicology experts and provides comprehensive coverage of these topics and more. Information is presented in an organized, easy-to-find manner. Summary tables and diagrams aid in the understanding of material, and all content is thoroughly referenced and backed by scientific literature.

We have made each topic available in a downloadable PDF for your reference. (Form fill required to download PDFs.)

For questions regarding content of this publication or other clinical toxicology-related inquiries, please contact the clinical team at or 877.552.3232.

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