Detect patient urine substitution

Do you have a method to identify specimens that have been substituted using synthetic urine?

BioDetect™ testing assists providers in identification of urine substitution with a non-biologic specimen, including things like synthetic urine and is included in testing on all urine specimens. Through the identification of unique markers expected in human urine, healthcare providers will have greater insight into patients’ medication adherence.

Laboratory glassware with yellow oily liquid on grey background

Individuals providing urine specimens may attempt to substitute specimens with a non-biologic substance in place of their own urine. When this occurs, and is undetected, it can create significant difficulties in assessing adherence or non-prescription substance use.

Urine substitution occurs when: 

  • Someone wants to appear as if they are taking a prescribed drug 
  • Someone wants to hide or mask drugs not prescribed

Aegis has identified unique markers that are expected to be detected in routinely analyzed human urine. Our goal is to provide clinicians greater insight regarding potential substitution to mitigate risk and make treatment decisions with greater confidence.

Synthetic Urine is Readily Available and Widely Used

The expansion of urine drug monitoring practices has led to more opportunities for individuals to attempt to “beat” a drug test. This has led to a significant increase in the availability of synthetic urine. Manufacturers of synthetic urine have become wise to the measures used to identify substituted specimens.

With non-prescription substance use continuing to contribute to record numbers of fatal and non-fatal overdoses, it is extremely important to utilize expanded specimen validity measures.

“Before Aegis, the other labs we used were missing so many substances or ‘fake urine’. It has been eye opening for sure and has helped us to change some of our collecting methods. But most importantly, it allows us to have a more complete picture of each patient’s substance use history so we can have a better conversation with them to help on their road to recovery.”

Sarah Ramsey, Nurse Practitioner
Unity Health – Clarity Health & Wellness
Searcy, AR

Our Solution

BioDetect is an innovative solution included in testing of all urine specimens to identify samples that are not consistent with routinely analyzed human urine.