Novel Psychoactive Substance Testing

Novel Psychoactive Substance Testing

Aegis is pleased to offer industry-leading testing options to allow providers the opportunity to more completely understand an individual’s substance use pattern, and facilitate more informed care.

Novel psychoactive substances (NPS) are compounds designed to mimic the effects of prescription drugs, evade detection by typical drug testing methodologies, and avoid regulation. NPS can be described by numerous terms, including legal highs or research chemicals labelled ‘not for human use’.

  • NPS markets rapidly change in response to regulation from US and other international agencies.
  • NPS may potentiate drug interactions with prescription medications, leading to unintended overdoses.
  • Individuals are exposed to fentanyl, designer opioids and benzodiazepines knowingly, or unknowingly through counterfeit prescription drugs intended to mimic common drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and alprazolam, among others.

Ordering Information
Aegis' NPS testing is available for urine or oral fluid specimens as an add-on by drug class. Providers may choose one or multiple classes based on medical necessity. 


A complete and up to date list of the analytes contained in each listed drug class can be found at:

*Parent drug listed for informational purposes only and not included in testing. Analytes listed for each drug class are current as of April 1, 2024. Updates and enhancements to the drug classes are made from time to time.

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