Aegis Sciences Corporation Expands Testing for Novel Psychoactive Substances

 Industry-leading testing offers insight into drug patterns and facilitates informed care

Aegis Sciences Corporation, today announced the expansion of their proprietary, industry-leading novel psychoactive substance (NPS) testing. The expansion incorporates a wider range of synthetic compounds and refines their current testing capacity, allowing Aegis to track new substances and stay on the forefront of drug use trends throughout the U.S.

NPSs are compounds that are created to mimic prescription or illicit drugs, while avoiding regulation as a controlled substance and often going unidentified by routine presumptive or definitive drug testing methods. Aegis has long been a leader in NPS testing and continuously researches NPS prevalence and their impact in the U.S., in order to keep pace with the ever-changing compounds in circulation.

Testing in both urine and oral fluid includes expanded offerings to test for:

–          designer opioids;
–          designer benzodiazepines;
–          synthetic cannabinoids;
–          synthetic stimulants;
–          hallucinogens; and
–          dissociatives.

In addition to the expanded testing capacity, this new phase also revises the current oral fluid and urine NPS test menu to remove compounds that have significantly decreased in prevalence, further refining results and data tracking.

“Aegis is pleased to offer the most comprehensive testing for novel psychoactive substances in the health care environment,” said Dr. Andrew Holt, clinical pharmacist with Aegis. “Our expansive test menu offers crucial insight into NPS existence and trends, allowing the community to stay informed and enabling providers to adapt treatment plans for patients with harm reduction measures.”

Health care providers can learn more or begin testing by contacting Aegis through its website at

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