Aegis Clinical Team Members Discuss the Dangers of Tianeptine Misuse with Drug Topics Magazine

Aegis Sciences Corporation, a health care testing lab based in Nashville, TN, recently had two members of its Clinical Team featured in the Drug Topics magazine. Dr. Savannah Clary and Dr. Andrew Holt both discuss the dangers of tianeptine misuse.

“The question, as far as labeling goes, is: What’s the quantity on the label? What’s in the actual product? That will always be a question. Could there be other substances in there as well? There’s some formulations that may have other products in them… That’s the other unknown. It’s a supplement, so it’s not regulated. It’s ‘buyer beware.’”, Dr. Holt explained as being the most concerning aspect of people buying unregulated tianeptine.

Dr. Clary added, “Tianeptine is sought out for various reasons by individuals online and at various retailers, such as smokes shops and gas stations for various uses. Some people seek it out to self-medicate for various things. It is structurally similar to tricyclic antidepressants, but it also has activity at µ-opioid receptors. That can lead it to be sought out for various treatments and self-medication purposes, perhaps for anxiety, perhaps for withdrawals or other things, of course none of which are approved or recognized for medical use in the United States.”

Dr. Clary was also featured on a presentation with Drug Topics to further discuss the dangers of tianeptine misuse. Both parts of Drug Topics tianeptine series are available at the links below:

Part One: Tianeptine Misuse Raises Concerns Across US, but is Stigmatizing the Drug Helpful?
Part Two: Pharmacists Play Key Role in Warning Public About Dangers of Tianeptine Misuse


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