Aegis Study Shows Impact of InterACT Rx on Medication Management and Patient Care

Employing a definitive test to detect substances whose interactions may cause adverse drug events can enhance a provider’s insights, drive clinical decision making, and improve patient outcomes.

Nashville, Tennessee (Oct. 9, 2018) – In a recently published study of 262 patients, there was a signifcant reduction in all-cause and painrelated outpatient visits and medication use between the pre- and post-index periods, including in the total number of prescriptions for opioid analgesics involved in.

The majority of drug–drug interactions detected (77.9%) at index were of moderate severity. The number of monthly all-cause and pain-related outpatient visits was reduced in the post-index period compared with the pre-index period (0.74–0.54 and 0.69–0.49, respectively). Associated costs were reduced from US$64.92 to US$51.20, and from US$62.42 to US$47.62, (p < 0.0001 for both) for all-cause and pain-related outpatient visits, respectively. Follow-up drug–drug interaction testing for 43 patients revealed that previously reported drug–drug interactions at the index test were no longer identifed in the subsequent test for 39.5% of patients.

Aegis Sciences Corporation offers a test (InterACT Rx™) that objectively and defnitively identifes substances known to interact with drug–drug interaction-prone medications commonly prescribed in the treatment of chronic pain and behavioral health disorders.

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