Drug Interaction Testing

Drug Interaction Testing

Clear and Accurate Detection

What is your Strategy for Identifying Drug Interactions?

InterACT Rx testing detects over 180 substances known to cause drug-drug interactions (DDIs). InterACT Rx is designed to reduce the risk of adverse drug events (ADEs) associated with DDIs through objective identification and reporting of interactions.

InterACT Rx can play a key role in medication management strategy, providing clinicians with actionable insight.

  • Complete Care

    Increase positive outcomes and improve understanding through valuable insight

  • Be Certain

    Actionable insight to prevent adverse effects from unknown sources

  • Protection for Tomorrow

    Know the full story faster and reduce inefficient treatment adjustments and follow-ups

Patients at Risk of Harmful Interactions

For treatment of complex comorbid conditions, patients often require multiple medications, placing them at risk for drug-drug interactions (DDIs).

  • Currently or previously experiencing adverse drug effects.
  • Reduced response to therapy or sudden changes in therapeutic efficacy.
  • Patients taking multiple medications.
  • Non-patient factors such as an increasing number of clinicians or pharmacists involved with the dispensing of medication may increase the risk for DDI.
  • Non-prescription medications, herbal preparations, and complementary medications also contribute to polypharmacy and the potential for DDIs.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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