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Providing Clinicians with Clarity

Aegis delivers Clarity through comprehensive drug testing solutions that offer a more objective measure of prescription and non-prescription substances used by individuals receiving care for a variety of conditions. Definitive testing for the right substances in oral fluid or urine provides information that can save lives.

Who We Serve

Whether you are a pain management provider looking to optimize treatment plans or a behavioral health provider looking for an objective tool to overcome medication adherence barriers, our products are uniquely designed for appropriate intervention to improve patient care.

Pain Management

Aegis PainComp® was designed to assure the most complete care for individuals receiving treatment for chronic pain. Testing for adherence with prescribed medications provides assurance for clinicians that patients are only taking the ordered medications and are not using non-prescribed or illicit drugs that could cause harm.

Mental Illness

Aegis AcuRise IDTM was designed to help clinicians identify and overcome adherence barriers in the treatment of mental illness. Testing can be used as an objective measure of adherence. It can also allow assessment of commonly used non-prescription substances which may impact the individual’s symptoms. AcuRise ID testing provides answers to aid in the enhanced care of people living with mental illness.

Substance Use Disorder

Aegis AcuRiseIDTM adherence testing assists in the continuous monitoring of a person’s recovery and helps build trust between a prescriber and individuals in their care regarding treatment adherence and progress towards goals. Testing can be used to detect inappropriate prescription drug or substance use, whether intentional or unintentional, and diversion of prescription medications. 

Aegis AcuRiseID allows for monitoring progress toward treatment goals and helps prevent human tragedy for those living with substance use disorder. 

Sports Testing

Aegis is the largest independent anti-doping laboratory in the U.S. operating out of the Wilma Rudolph Sports Testing Laboratory and serving more than 150 top U.S. colleges, universities, high schools, and professional sports organizations. Through our Zero-Tolerance® drug testing services, Aegis offers testing for a variety of performance enhancing substances including: anabolic steroids, stimulants (including ephedrine), diuretics, and beta blockers.

Aegis Adopts Self-Regulatory Standards for Novel Psychoactive Substance Testing

To stay current with the rapidly changing landscape of new and emerging drugs, Aegis has committed to bi-annual NPS test menu updates to include the tier one and tier two recommendations established collaboratively by the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education (CFSRE) and the Society of Forensic Toxicologist (SOFT) NPS Committee.


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