Aegis's focus on science and technical expertise ensure the highest standards and quality, maximizing operational performance:

Commitment to Quality

  • In addition to maintaining uninterrupted CLIA certification and state regulatory licensing, Aegis is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and A2LA under the ISO 17025 program. Aegis’ commitment to accreditation ensures that Aegis laboratories operate to the highest standards of quality excellence in the laboratory testing community.


Specimen Integrity

  • Robust procedures for specimen handling and control are in place to protect the integrity of each specimen. Specimens are assigned a unique identifier which is tracked through a documented chain of custody leveraging RFID technology throughout the laboratory testing workflow to ensure specimen integrity and the reliability of all aspects of the laboratory’s operations.

Proprietary Analysis Techniques

  • Aegis offers proprietary normetabolite testing methodology which allows for testing of varying metabolic profiles in addition to excreted drug compounds to improve detection accuracy.

Quality Assurance

  • Aegis’s leading quality assurance program involves regular proficiency testing and routine retesting of blinded samples through the lab as well as routine instrument maintenance, staff training and competency assessment, robust method validation, rigorous internal process and standards-based audits.
  • Aegis Quality Steering Committee provides oversight to laboratory quality and leads continual improvement program efforts.
  • Aegis celebrates our low incidence of analytical errors with analytical test reporting accuracy of 99.9998%.

Quality Results

  • Definitive testing is performed using gas or liquid chromatography mass spectrometry on initial test positives confirming the identity of compounds of interest.