The Results of our Client Satisfaction Survey 2023

Aegis Sciences Corporation has achieved great success with its sales and service according to our latest Client Satisfaction Survey.  Our toxicology services provide insights to help clinicians identify medication compliance, explore causes of non-adherence, and reduce risk for adverse events and overdose. Providers agree that our services make a difference for their practice and for their patients.

“I have a reliable resource at my fingertips when I have concerns regarding drug/medication compliance for my pain practice. Aegis has helped my clinic run more efficiently and provide safer care for my patients,” said Dr. Todd Majeski, of Majeski Health and Wellness in Houston, Texas.

Aegis received a Net Promoter® Score of 97 of those surveyed. In addition, respondents rated their experience with sales and service and were asked how Aegis made a difference in their practice.

Surveyed clients responded that they were “usually to always satisfied” regarding the availability of their sales representative and Aegis’s testing menu and lab report format as compared to other labs.

“Our goal is to provide superior service to every client, every day, and we welcome any feedback regarding ways in which we can improve. We take immense pride in the services we provide and are pleased with the survey results,” said Aegis Vice President of Client Relations Regina Sweeney. Surveyed clients responded that they were “usually to always satisfied” regarding the availability of client services, response time to requests, and problem resolution.

“We have been able to discuss findings in a way that helps us with client accountability and continuity of care,” said Zakiyyah Rasul, program manager at The Centers, a mental and behavioral health provider in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Aegis’s client survey was conducted from May-June 2023. Clients gave permission to share their responses for marketing purposes. The results of the survey, and in particular the open feedback, will help us improve our service.