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Aegis Sciences Corporation Expands Urine Drug Testing for Behavioral Health

Nashville, Tennessee (February 1, 2021) –  Aegis Sciences Corporation, a leading healthcare company that provides clinically innovative medication compliance testing and consulting services, is pleased to announce the expansion of behavioral health testing (AcuRiseID™) to Aegis clients on February 1, 2021. Testing is now offered for over 100 medications and illicit drugs. The enhancement includes additional antipsychotics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, stimulants, and other medications used to treat behavioral health conditions. Given the client requests to increase the panel of analytes offered for AcuRiseID™, enhancing our current urine test offerings will provide greater value to our current and future clients. Medication monitoring is a crucial tool in measuring therapy adherence and potential substance misuse. It is imperative to keep this essential tool available for clinicians to assist with care decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about AcuRiseID™, an objective tool for urine drug testing options, here.

About Aegis Sciences Corporation
Founded in 1990, Aegis Sciences Corporation is a laboratory sciences company based in Nashville, Tenn., that provides science-driven testing and consulting services for clients such as healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, professional and amateur sports organizations, leading college and university athletic programs, Fortune 500 corporations, and government agencies throughout the United States. For more information please visit