Aegis Differentiators

Aegis removes the hassles of laboratory testing by providing expert clinical support, concierge service, rigorous quality standards and a suite of e-solutions that streamline your workflow and enable you to focus on patient care.

Scientific Leadership

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Our robust scientific team is constantly at work to maintain updated and relevant testing solutions that bring clarity and clinical confidence.  All labs are not created equal.

  • Experience, Expertise, & Innovation:  30+ years of evidence-based diagnostic capabilities on multiple specimen types.  Rigorous investment in research and development, a team of scientists delivering new, industry-leading solutions.
  • Comprehensive and relevant testing capabilities:  Protection of patients requires the ability to test for relevant drugs found in the drug supply; As the market changes, so must testing.
  • Medically necessary flexibility:  Customizable test ordering empowers clinicians to order what they determine to be medically necessary for each patient at the time of service; including different needs for patients treated for pain management, mental illness, and/or substance use disorder.
    • 320+ drugs/metabolites
    • 120+ synthetic Novel Psychoactive Substances
    • BioDetect™: A method designed to identify patient specimens that have been substituted using synthetic urine included on every urine test
    • InterActRx™:  Analysis of 150+ commonly-interacting substances to identify drug-to-drug and food-to-drug interactions that may cause adverse drug events (ADEs)

Concierge Service

Team of doctors, health and women with laptop, work together and digital clinic schedule or agenda.

Aegis provides concierge level service to practitioners. In addition to your local sales manager, a team of inside sales representatives is available for your clinic’s day-to-day servicing needs. You will have a dedicated point of contact, who can answer your questions at any time.

The clinical science support team is an internal team of doctorate-level professionals with expertise in pharmacology and pharmacokinetics who are available to answer questions about individual results and help practitioners better understand the specifics of pharmacodynamics and its relationship to drug monitoring and drug-to-drug interactions.

Aegis’s extensive managed care coverage includes an expansive network of contracts to support patients across many major payors.

FLUIDTM connectivity solutions provide integrated orders and results.


Stethoscope on chart and graph paper, Finance, Account, Statistics, Investment.

Gain insight into previously delivered results with customized summary analytics specific to providers, clinics, and health systems to track trends.

Aegis Customer Summary Reports provide analysis of:

  • Number of samples tested in given time frame
  • Expected and not expected results
  • Number and type of drug-drug interactions
  • Illicit substance use
  • Provider, clinic, state, and national data comparison
  • Track trends, improvements, or deficits to see the effectiveness of your medication monitoring protocol