PainComp Background
Results That Matter

Results That Matter

Testing for better treatment today, assurance for a better outcome tomorrow.

After you’ve diagnosed your patient’s condition and prescribed a course of therapy, how can you be sure they are staying on the right track to better health?

Aegis PainComp® is the easy and accurate solution to assure the most complete care for your patients receiving chronic pain therapy, giving your patients the ability to live their best possible life.

Why PainComp Is Important

Improved standard of care for an improved standard of life.

  • Complete Care

    Assurance of the best care and the right decision seamlessly integrated into your clinical workflow.

  • Be Certain

    Know what matters most with complete and objective toxicology results.

  • Protection for Tomorrow

    Care for your patients with clinically-driven decision making.

More Than A Test

  • Pharm.D.s available for clinical consultation provide more resources when you need it.
  • Overnight specimen transportation and fast turnaround time deliver consistent results for more informed decisions.
  • Local Regional Sales Managers and dedicated Inside Sales contacts provide more support for your practice.
  • Flexible testing options and a la carte testing offer more than routine testing.
  • Aegis FLUID™ electronic connectivity solutions deliver more options to integrate into your digital patient workflow.
  • Aegis offers Urine, Oral Fluid and Blood Testing options for more personalized treatment needs.

Want to Learn More?

Want To Learn More?

To learn more or begin testing, please contact our Client Services team at: