COVID-19 Testing

Aegis COVID-19 Testing

05/08/2020 - Aegis Sciences Corporation now offering COVID-19 Employee Testing Program - Click here for more information.
Please contact Mike Ziegler, Chief Sales Officer for inquiries.

04/27/2020 - Aegis Sciences Corporation Doubles Capacity for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Testing. Capacity for 7,000 tests a day begins May 4 in response to community need. Read full press release

04/13/2020 - Aegis launches test for Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Our dedicated team of lab scientists has worked diligently to leverage Aegis’s strong lab capabilities and moved quickly to offer this valuable diagnostic tool to aid in the fight against COVID-19. Capacity for 3,500 tests a day beginning April 15, 2020; results available within 24 hours. Read full press release

04/15/20 - Notice to Health Plans, Patients, and Governmental Entities –Pricing and Coding for Aegis COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2, qPCR) Testing – Effective 04/15/2020 

  • Pricing:         $100 per test (same for all CPT codes)
  • Coding:         U0003

On April 14th, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced new procedure codes and associated pricing for COVID-19 testing performed utilizing high-throughput technologies capable of processing large volumes of COVID-19 tests rapidly. CMS took this action in light of the high cost of resources, required investment, and advanced technical requirements associated with utilizing high-throughput technologies. All of Aegis’s COVID-19 tests are performed utilizing advanced high-throughput platforms. Aegis will continue to align with the floor pricing established by CMS, which is $100 for Aegis’s test, and accept that amount as payment for its COVID-19 testing.

 - Aegis Sciences gears up for COVID-19 testing.  Featured on WSMV News4 Nashville View Clip

  • Downstream effects of COVID-19 on your patients

    Downstream effects of COVID-19 on your patients

    Date and Time:

    Length: 30 minutes


  1. COVID-19 Testing FAQs


    Aegis’ COVID-19 testing FAQ provides information specific to our lab’s testing capabilities.  Additionally, the FAQ document summarizes pertinent information from various resources leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Clinical FAQ for COVID-19 

  2. Specimen Collection Instructions

    Specimen Collection Instructions



  3. Patient Fact Sheet

    Patient Fact Sheet

    This Fact Sheet contains information to help you understand the risks and benefits of using this test for the diagnosis of COVID-19. After reading this Fact Sheet, if you have questions or would like to discuss the information provided, please talk to your healthcare provider. 




  4. Provider Fact Sheet

    Provider Fact Sheet

    This Fact Sheet informs you of the significant known and potential risks and benefits of the emergency use of a Molecular Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) COVID-19 Authorized Test (Molecular LDT COVID-19 Authorized Test) that has been issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by FDA. The Molecular LDT COVID-19 Authorized Test is authorized for use on respiratory specimens collected from individuals suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider.