Managed Care

Managed Care

Aegis PainComp® for Managed Care

Through our PainComp® testing services, we offer significant medical and economic value to managed care organizations. We effectively support government programs, commercial payers and workers’ compensation insurers by providing the most complete and accurate picture of patient compliance possible.

  • Workers' Compensation

    Workers' Compensation

    1 out of every 2 workers’ compensation claims involves some form of prescription drug misuse or abuse. Aegis helps you gain control, intervene quickly and close cases faster. We also offer personalized support, including insightful reports, easy access to toxicologists, pain management clinical specialists and expert witness opinion and litigation support.

  • Commercial Populations

    Commercial Populations

    Aegis aims to reduce costs, improve care and enhance the satisfaction of your members, employer customers and partnering physicians. Our leading approach to pain management testing supports timely referrals, reduced hospitalizations and ER visits, improved performance in Pay-for-Quality initiatives, reduced risk of litigation and discovery of new opportunities to prove care/ reduce cost.
  • Managed Medicaid

    Managed Medicaid

    Narcotics abuse is a prevalent problem in Medicaid populations. We provide a clearer picture, enhancing your ability to intervene with members in need and more consistently referring them to assistance programs such as behavioral health. Aegis offers affordable access to high quality services, so that your underserved members can get the care they deserve.

Better Decisions. More Value. Aegis.

Solid Science + Comprehensive Resources + Expertise

Aegis deploys deep experience on behalf of our managed care clients, including:

  • 20 years of forensic toxicology-based experience informs our healthcare sciences practice.
  • More than 20 PhDs, docs and PharmDs on staff with access to a more expansive inventory of testing equipment than the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Proprietary best practices, methodologies honed by over 22 million medication compliance tests.

Detailed Testing. Extra Certainty.

For industry standard prices, we go above and beyond. We have a more rigorous, science-driven and thorough confirmation process than what you'll find elsewhere, while still delivering timely results. We don't charge for extra testing and better accuracy because we care about two things:
1. Getting it right, and 
2. Delivering value

We don't get sidetracked by trying to squeeze costs and maximize our margins or by driving additional revenue through sales of drug testing supplies or equipment. Instead, we're singularly obsessed with confirming and coming up with new ways to confirm even more accurately.

360° Confirmation Testing

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With Aegis, You Get More

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Innovation. Happens Everyday.

Aegis draws from relentless efforts in research & development as well as our deep experience in anti-doping, forensics and workplace testing to ensure continuous improvement and the identification of new opportunities for reducing costs and improving care. We have a long history of being a lab that creates best practices, sets new standards and leads the way to better testing.

  • One of the first labs to begin testing for Synthetic Cannabinoids in pain management as a result of uncovering the substance in our sports work.
  • We are leading the way in addressing the clinical and financial implications of drug dependent births.
  • We are introducing new anti-depressant testing to tackle yet another area of need.

We Make a Real Difference.

At Aegis, our managed care practice is solely focused on driving higher quality and lower cost healthcare for our clients. This is the first of many differences you'll see when you work with us. We provide you with the most accurate results possible, driving greater medical and economic value.

Aegis Medical & Economic Value

Aegis Economic Value
  • Reduced hospitalizations and ER visits
  • Faster decisions that lead to more timely referrals (behavioral health) or new treatment plans
  • Insightful reports and easy access to toxicology and clinical pharmacy specialists with more than 300 years cumulative experience.
Aegis Medical Value
  • Increased workforce productivity (for your employer customers)
  • Improved performance in Pay-for-Quality initiatives
  • Reduced risk of litigation
  • Discovery of new opportunities to reduce cost (i.e. reducing drug dependent births)

What’s Included in Aegis PainComp?

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  • 3 specimen types accepted: urine, oral fluid, blood
  • Available tests include: tapentadol, buprenorphine, tramadol, pregabalin, gabapentin, cotinine (nicotine metabolite), ethyl glucuronide (alcohol metabolite), synthetic drugs of abuse and many more
  • Additional metabolites and heroin markers included in testing at no extra costs, such as: norhydrocodone, norcodeine, noroxycodone, norfentanyl diacetylmorphine and 6-acetylcodeine
  • Specimen Validity Testing of urine specimens (creatinine, pH, specific gravity, adulterant additives)
  • Direct toll free number for toxicologists and clinical pharmacy specialists
  • Normalization to avoid false negatives (urine testing only)
  • Overnight specimen transportation
  • Collection kits and laboratory request forms
  • Fast turnaround time (48-72 hours)
  • Access to expert witness and litigation support
  • Actionable reports, including web-based reporting
  • Testing for a multitude of drugs in a variety of specimens